Walking Photo Tour
Welcome to San Francisco’s Premier Guided Walking Tour. 

Walk San Francisco with Walking Photo Tour and in just two short hours, you will learn about San Francisco’s incredible history and walk away with self-taken “pro” photographs to show off to family and friends!

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San Francisco Is Much More!
Walking the neighborhoods is the best way to embrace San Francisco’s beauty and history.  Learn San Francisco’s unique role in world history, the grand architecture of 19th century Victorians, how each neighborhood adds its own distinct flair and why it took so long to find the now famous San Francisco Bay.  LEARN & SEE why SAN FRANCISCO is the perfect place for a WALKING PHOTO TOUR

Camera’s Are Not Required
Walking Photo Tour is full of history, trivia and fun facts so if you want to just take a nice walk to learn about this beautiful city’s incredible history then stroll with WALKING PHOTO TOUR.

Everybody Can Take Awe-Inspiring Pictures
From camera phones, to point and shoot cameras, to advanced DSLR cameras, if you’ve ever wanted to learn the secrets to practical yet breath-taking photography, take WALKING PHOTO TOUR

Photography skills you will learn to:

  • Pull focus for crisp-clear photographs with images such as an 18th century Victorian house next to a 20th century live-in loft/warehouse.
  • Work with f-stops and shutter speeds so your photograph is sharp and well-exposed as you walk through uniquely-lit alleyways and colorful tourist corridors.
  • Understand depth of field while focusing on one object to purposefully blurring other objects, while walking through Neighborhood Park, tourist hot spots with statues, and micro cityscape.
  • Discern when to focus on the subject of your shot and when the surrounding backgrounds would enhance your photo by practicing with the straight architectural lines of beautiful modern buildings next to dilapidated, colorful warehouses.
  • Layer your photograph to create an active, vibrant photograph, combining neighborhood high-end boutiques with bicycles, colorful flowers, and trees.

Bring Your Own Camera
Walking Photo Tour Does Not Provide a Camera.  You may use your camera. Walking Photo Tour’s job is to teach you the 5 basic rules of great photographer.

Cost per tour:
$30.00 per adult ticket
$25.00 per senior ticket
$20.00 per child (under 12 yrs old)

Minimum Tour Requirements:
We require a minimum of at least two (2) people walking each of our tour or they may be cancelled. Make your reservation and we will contact you if your tour minimum is not being met.

We are here for you:
Please contact us if you have any questions at +1(415) 878-6871 or email us at: info@WalkingPhotoTour.com

Dress for the weather
Please dress in multiple, light layers for your walking comfort. San Francisco weather can be extremely unpredictable from one block to another.  Micro climates are weather changes that can occur from neighborhood to neighborhood and from block to block.  The weather can go from cold and cloudy to sunny and hot within a walking block.

For your Walking Photo Tour comfort, read our Guidelines & Suggestions.

Thank you for visiting us, we look forward to walking with you while enhancing your photography skills.

 Guidelines & Suggestions
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